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Visitor Guides Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is known the world over as the "Venice of America" because of its expansive and intricate canal system. It is located in the county Broward, Florida, United States. The population is over 170,000.

The city Ft. Lauderdale is mostly famous for its beaches and boats.

While the city of Fort Lauderdale is relatively small, the term 'Fort Lauderdale' is often used to refer to the larger metropolis that has grown up around it. It is the county seat for Broward county, and is in the middle of the South Florida metropolitan area,(Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach), which has over 5.5 million people.

Ft. Lauderdale History

Among the first inhabitants of this part of Florida were the Seminole Indians arriving in the 18th century. In the throws of the Second Seminole War, US Army Major William Lauderdale led brave Tennessee Volunteers into the area and raised New River Fort on the site of the modern city in 1838. In 1893, a young Ohioan named Frank Stranahan arrived and took up residence in a house that served as the first trading post, post office, bank and town hall of the Ft. Lauderdale area. His house was built near the site of the New River Fort and still stands today as a museum called Stranahan House.

Officially incorporated as a town in 1911, Ft. Lauderdale became the seat of newly formed Broward County. Ft Lauderdale began as a predominantly agricultural community of dairy farms and citrus groves.

Additional growth came with established foundation of the US Naval Air Station, which is now acting as the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport.

Ft Lauderdale and its surrounding suburbs have witnessed tremendous growth following the end of the second World War, and the arrival of an advent of home air-conditioning. Spring Break began in the 1960’s after the debut of the famous movie "Where the Boys Are." It is now an anchor of the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach Metropolitan area, placing 6th on the largest metro area list. Climate

Fort Lauderdale has the typical humid subtropical climate. Ft Lauderdale does experience some cold fronts between the months of November and March, during the dry season, however most of the winter is warm and mild. The summers are of a true tropical climate, it being very hot and muggy in the middle of the summer and the early part of autumn. Most of its rainfall is in the summer(wet season), and although some wet cold fronts come through in the winter, the winter is mainly dry (dry season) with mild temperatures broken up by invasions of colder air and some rain when the fronts come through.

from the months of May to September is the summer wet season. During the summer, it is hot and humid in the city of Ft Lauderdale, with the prevailing wind bringing the warm and welcome tropical breezes blowing up from the Caribbean. The weather is often clear and sunny in the mornings yet the land heats up, the air rises and the sea breeze kicks in. This brings in more damp moist air from the sea and so by noon it often starts to cloud over and then there are commonly short sharp showers in the afternoon, which helps to cool the air off for a cooler and generally dryer evening. The dreaded Atlantic hurricane season largely coincides with the mid to latter part of the summer wet season.

Fort Lauderdale, positioned just above the Tropic of Cancer, owes a great deal of its winter warmth to the Gulf Stream that runs just a couple of miles off the shore. The Gulf Stream brings warm water up from the tropics year-round. On a typical Ft Lauderdale summer day the temperature does not get below 75 ºF (24 ºC). Summer temperatures are commonly in the high 80s to low 90s (30-35 °C), which is often times relieved by the sea breeze, followed by some afternoon thunderstorms. During winter, humidity is significantly lower. The average daily high in the winter is usually between 65 and 75 °F (18-24 °C) and the low normally around 59 ºF (15 ºC), rarely dipping below 40 ºF (4 ºC) when a front comes through.

Fort Lauderdale receives more than ample rainfall, most of it falling in the summer time. Ft Lauderdale gets a total of 63.8 inches (1488 mm) is one of the highest for a major U.S. city. This could be viewed as a lot, but it does not rain that much, it's just that when it does rain it really chucks it down, a truly tropical downpour.
By plane

Four airport serve the South Florida area:

Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport (IATA: FLL) (ICAO: KFLL), are conveniently located just two miles south of down town Fort Lauderdale. It’s a major airport and popular low cost carrier destination. This is most convenient airport to Fort Lauderdale. Maintainig a hub there is Spirit Airlines maintains; JetBlue, Southwest Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Continental Connection are a few other airlines that have substantial operations here. FLL is the main domestic airport for the South Florida region. It is also an rising hub of preference for flights to and from the Latin America and the Caribbean. There are some limited charter flights to and from Europe. Many passengers are bound for or coming from cruises using Port Everglades. Many forms of transportation like taxis, cruiseline busses, and hotel/motel shuttles make access to either easy.

Miami International Airport aka(IATA: MIA), is located some 25 miles south of Fort Lauderdale proper. It is the major international airport in South Florida, and known appropriately as 'The Gateway to the Americas'. Home of American Airlines Latin American hub. Frequent flights are made to Europe and many direct flights to the US West Coast; it is a 40 minute drive from Fort Lauderdale using Florida’s interstate I-95, but can be much longer during rush hour.

You can board the Tri-Rail from Miami airport to Fort Lauderdale station for about $5 us a person. Then hop aboard the linking bus, or catch yourself a cab from the station to the hotel of your choice. (See details below). You can take one of the shuttle vans from Miami Airport to Fort Lauderdale, prices will vary by destination but will be around $50 to $70 per person.

Palm Beach International Airport (IATA: PBI), 1000 Turnage Boulevard, West Palm Beach, Phone: (561) 471-7420 mainly serves the Palm Beach area with flights to the Northeast Corridor. You can use Tri-Tail to get from Palm Beach Airport to Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport (IATA: FXE), West Commercial Boulevard and NW 21st Av. On the list of the ten largest general aviation airports in the United States. It is located in the Cypress Creek area of the city. This is where you arrive if flying in via your private plane.

You can be sure of a safe and pleasant stay in Ft. Lauderdale and feel confident if need be to be taken care of by our fine health care facilities fully equipped to handle any emergency need. See our list below for your preparedness.

Shopping in Ft. Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, and South Florida in general, is an absolute shoppers paradise! Something to satisfy everybody's shopping desires is located here in Ft. Lauderdale. Here are is a list of some of the main districts/destinations you’ll be thrilled by:

Shops on Las Olas Blvd,Quaint specialty shops and upscale restaurants line Las Olas Blvd, starting in the down town vicinity and running East on Las Olas Blvd for a mile, to SE 15th Avenue. Most shops and restaurants are open late in the evenings for your convenience.

Galleria Mall, Sunrise Blvd and Bayview Dr. Fort Lauderdale's regional mall. This mall has over 200 stores including: Neiman Marcus, Macy's, Dillard's, and Saks Fifth Avenue. This is only 1/4 of a mile, or about ten minute’s walk from the beach.

Sawgrass Mills, located in city of Sunrise at Sunrise Blvd and NW 136 Ave. priding itself as one of the world's largest malls for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

Broward Mall, located in Plantation at Broward Blvd, and University Drive.

Coral Square Mall, located in Coral Springs at Atlantic Blvd. and University Dr.

Festival Flea Market, located in Pompano Beach on Sample Rd, just east of Florida's Turnpike. Large indoor flea market.

Pembroke Lakes Mall, is conveniently located in Pembroke Pines at Pines Blvd. and Flamingo Rd.

Pompano Square, located in Pompano Beach at US1 (Federal Hwy) and Copans Rd.

Aventura Mall, large, upscale regional mall located in Aventura.

Boca Town Center, large, upscale regional mall located in Boca Raton.

Swap Shop. 1+954-583-2221. An older flea market called the Swap Shop is located west on Sunrise Blvd. at a drive-in movie facility. Among the fun things you can do is get your hair braided as well as to shop for fruits, vegetables, clothes, nick knacks, and practically any other things not usually found in other locations about the area.

Area Destinations of Ft. Lauderdale

The county’s second busiest port for cruises is in Port Everglades after Port of Miami. There are many cruises of varying lengths (1 day to several weeks) available to select from.

South Florida (Miami-Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach) is a home to the over 5.5 million people living there and is the 6th largest metropolitan area in the USA. As such, the surrounding vicinities of Fort Lauderdale have plenty to offer you and in particular, the city of Miami.

Everglades National Park

Everglades National Park is the 3rd largest national park in the lower 48 states and is the protector of over one and a half million acres of land behind Yellowstone National Park (2nd) and Death Valley National Park coming in at (1st). During the dry season most facilities are open and a whole litany of tours and programs are available for you to enjoy. During the wet season of the months of June to October, facilities may close down or if opened have restricted hours of operation.

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